Case Study & Study Trips

Third year students were taken to chennai for their Design studio.
1.They were taken to a live site of apartment and exposed to various Foundation techniques (Building construction ) used in mid rise apartment s. They also visited an apartment “CASA GRANDE -The Address” and “Raj Paris “to study general planning and were also exposed an interior of an flat.
2. They were also introduced to a new technology of lifting the exisisting olden buildings using jack .
3. Students also visited Dakshinchitra , to study about various vernacular houses in s.India.
4. They also visited their proposed site in ECR road, chennai to study on site and off site feautures.
5. Students also had a look of Egmore station to study the Indo sarsenic architecture in chennai.

The students of Prime Nest college of Architecture and Planning were taken for a four day field Trip to bangalore to Expose the students to the works of master Architect Sanjay Mohe. The Main objective of the trip is to make the students aware that quality of Architecture cannot be judged by the visuals but it has to be experienced with the senses.
The students visited the residences of Mr.Chandrasekar, Mr.Prasad, Mr.Rajkriba and Kannur residence and were exposed to understand Articulation of Volumes,Nature and Quality of Spaces with respect to openess ,connectivity,Modulation of natural light in space thereby connecting LIGHT-SPACE-EMOTIONS through sections and sketches.They were also experiencing,whether the space is hot or cold, whether there is a mild breeze prevailing along the Built spaces through analytical sketches. Department would like to tha nk AR.SANJAY MOHE for giving us an oppurtunity to experience and study his projects, also would like to thank the house owners and Ar.Gautam who guided us for the projects designed by AR.Sanjay Mohe

The students of Primenest college of architecture and planning were taken for a vernacular study visit to toda and badagas. The main objective of this visit is to understand the house ,form culture,materials and construction techniques, symbolism and decorations of todas and badagas

Prime Nest college of Architecture and Planning organised a Rural study Programme on 27-01-2018 to 30-01-2018 at Manjakollai Village . The Main objective of Rural study programme is to understand how people interpret design and modify spaces based on their needs which are simpler and easier to understand for beginners. The students of second year B.Arch has done an extensive study for a week in Manjakollai Village in documenting and analysing the tanjible and intanjible valuse of settlement.


At Prime Nest , students are frequently taken to case studies and study tours , students of first year visited TANJORE AND KUMBAKONAM   for  Outdoor sketching practice.

At Prime Nest , students are frequently taken to case studies and study tours , Recently students of first year and second years visited Trivandrum to study the works and philosophy of the great architect Laurie Baker.

First year students visited the residence of Ar.Ramesh Babu as part of their first year design studio.