Course Details

Bachelor of Architecture, B. Arch is a five year graduate program in Architecture, design and structure of building covering the sociological, systematic and environmental aspects. The course seeks the students having skills like drawing, writing, exploration of the given topic, practical and managerial ability in identifying and solving problems and architectural presentation etc. The subjects for the Bachelor of Architecture include Mathematics, CADD, Urban Economics, Sociology,History of Architecture and Interior Design etc.

Advantages or Benefits of B. Arch
•    Architecture is a profession for the people who have talents in artistic and aesthetic.
•    There is always a demand for good architects so as to utilize the entire construction space in building projects.
•    In the present scenario, architects are essential to plan and carry out building projects and to find solution for the problems related to this field.
•    Building projects and real estate is one of the largest sectors of investment in our economy; hence the profession is also getting recognitions and further career opportunities.