Criteria for choosing architecture colleges for B.Arch Admission

Visit the campus personally and check the following.

  1. Check whether the college is approved by Council of Architecture (COA), New Delhi for the current academic year.
  2. Check whether the college is affiliated to Anna University or other any relevant universities.
  3. Check whether the college is a standalone architecture school or a Department one among in an engineering college.
  4. Check whether the Director /Principal/Dean is a Full Time, qualified with M.arch, PhD as per University Norms.
  5. Check whether the institution has experienced, practically exposed and qualified Faculty members with appropriate age and experience in academic teaching and field practise.
  6. Check whether the institution has adequate number of classrooms and Studios as per the norms of Council of Architecture (COA), New Delhi.
  7. Check whether the institution has well established State of art Library with adequate number of books in various domains of architecture and collections of subscription of national and International journals.
  8. Check whether the institution has fully equipped furnished Material museum where construction materials used from foundation to finishing of a buildings is exhibited and is available to students for reference. This in turn gives the opportunity for students to experience and feel the hands on experience of the particular material practically.
  9. Check whether the institution has adequate computer workstations loaded with latest software’s like AutoCAD, Photoshop, Revit etc.
  10. Check whether the institution has well equipped climatology lab which is an essential component of architectural education enabling the students to be familiar  with factors of climate  and  its  study in relationship with the built environment   .
  11. Check whether the institution has the facility of a construction yard enabling the students to do, fabricate or establish or cast the construction typology models and techniques like brick bonding, construction of brick walls, bar bending techniques, preparation of concrete mixture etc , enabling the students to understand its real scale in practice.
  12. Most importantly one must try and understand the teaching methodologies and techniques adopted by the institution in delivering the architectural education. This can be done by verifying the following
    1. Number of study tours and trips the institution has taken the students for places of architectural importance
    2. Number of workshops the institution has organised for imparting practical knowledge inculcating hands-on training experience.
    3. Number of joint studio s the institution has arranged enabling students for transfer and sharing of knowledge among students of leading architectural schools across the country.
  1. Don’t forget to check the quality of student works displayed in the exhibition halls of the respective architecture institutions.
  2. In addition also check the support facilities like accommodation,food,store and transport facilities offered by the institution for students.