Joint Studios

Climatology workshop with architecture students of Kalasalingam university,Virudhunagar

Two day workshop on climatology was held on 8 th and 9 th of April 2018 for Architecture students of Kalasalingam university at Prime Nest college of architecture and planning .We received an overwhelming response of Students who attended ..The main objective of the workshop is to train the students to design shading devices for different climatic zones using emprical methods, sun path diagram/shadow angle protractor, heliodon and simultations methods.
We would like to thank Dr. N.LAKSHMI THILAGAM, Director, Kalasalingam School of Architecture (KSOA) and all the participants from Kalasalingam university

On 18th February 2017 ,Prime Nest organised a joint studio program with College of Architecture (CAT) ,Trivandrum ,where the first year students of both institution joined together to design workspace for architectural student in the studio.

On  1st March 2017, A joint studio  was  organized with Agni school of architecture,Dindugal . Students produced design proposals along with scaled models for a bus shelter  with smart city concepts.

On 24th March ,2017 Prime Nest and NIT Tiruchirappalli jointly organised One-day studio program in Furniture design and material exploration in corrugated cardboards .Students of both colleges split into groups ,shared ideas  and finally came up with many interesting and innovating proposals.