Workshop Lab

Models are the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in production of aesthetic objects. It is a Personal creative power endowed to an individual. An amalgamation of skill and imagination yields artistic creativity. The model making workshop aims at providing inspiring guidance, techniques and approaches in various mediums to the students. It facilitates a platform for established as well as creative knowledge, to mark their presence in the field of work. Our experienced and competent team of faculty members help each student to achieve his true potential. Professionalism is inculcated in students by our esteemed faculty.

Our model making Laboratory consists of the following instruments:

  1. Thermocole cutting machine
  2. Portable Screw and Nutt Setter Machine
  3. Carpentry work benches with carpentry tools and facilities etc.
  4. Eclectically Operated pot
  5. Glass Cutter
  6. Handiman Tool Kit
  7. Measuring tape (Steel 30m)
  8. Model Miniature Bricks in Wood
  9. Plani Meter
  10. PortableDrilling Machine